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Mine Survival 2.4.2 MOD APK that's exactly what you're faced with. In this intense online game, you must fight to survive against other players
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Video gamers around the world know the intense thrill of battling in online multiplayer games. Whether it’s an all-out death match or a strategic team competition, there’s nothing quite like outwitting your opponents and emerging victorious. But what if the stakes were raised? What if the game you were playing wasn’t just for fun, but for your life?

In Mine Survival 2.4.2 MOD APK that’s exactly what you’re faced with. In this intense online game, you must fight to survive against other players who are out to kill you and take your land. With limited resources and ever-changing landscapes, can you build a shelter, gather food, and protect yourself from danger? Or will you be the one who falls victim to another player’s blade? Find out!


Gameplay is quite simple. You’re dropped into a world with nothing but a map, a compass, and the clothes on your back. Once you place a marker of some description on your map by pressing “P”, then you can start to search for materials that you’ll need to survive: food, shelter, and tools/weapons.

As the default map marker disappears when you move from a location, it is common for people to “set up camp” and stay in one place until they have gathered enough resources to progress. Players can also create cities if they have enough resources to begin construction.

On the server you play on, there are two main resources: stone and food. Stone is created by chopping down trees with an ax, while food can be harvested from pigs, cows, and chickens when they are killed. All players start with an ax that has 100 uses before it needs to be replaced.

The map is randomly generated upon each server launch and it is possible to be attacked by other players. It is also possible for two or more groups of people to claim territories and battle one another, so cities need to be constructed to protect the player from attack. Mine Survival Guide buildings such as walls and towers can be used to protect the city. Game Just Like Inotia 4 MOD APK 2022.

Every player has an inventory that can hold 15 items, which is then increased to 25 after crafting a bag. The inventory space can also be increased by using larger backpacks. Players are prevented from dropping items on the ground if their total inventory weight exceeds 50%. Dropped items may be picked up by other players, but any items dropped in the wilderness are removed when the world is regenerated.

Mine Survival MOD APK Features

World Generation

The map consists of several different biomes which provide different resources depending on their location. The further you travel away from your spawn, the more dangerous creatures you might see in that biome. This creates natural boundaries to prevent players from accessing areas too quickly.

The world is made up of 25km cubes that are 16km wide. Each block can be destroyed or dug into, which will reveal different resources depending on the biome and height level. These blocks also contain caves which you can find in the land above them. Some of these caves contain natural structures such as caverns, abandoned mineshafts, or strongholds.

To make the world seem more alive, NPC villages are generated at random locations throughout the map, with natural structures such as mineshafts and strongholds peppered around them. This gives players a reason to explore the biomes that surround these areas since they could be riskier – but also yield greater rewards.

There are different types of each biome, set to specific heights. These include extreme hills, mountains, forests, swamps, and deserts. This means that players have to be careful when mining near these areas since they might fall off a hill or mountain if their pick breaks during the descent. The world border is also at a height limit so caution is advised when traveling around the world too.

Mine Survival Unlocked


There will be animals that can attack you or other mobs to protect their territory. Wolves are an example of creatures that will attack anybody they come across, and a pack of wolves can prove to be a difficult opponent for a new player, but yield greater rewards if they’re killed.

Enemy mobs will also be found in each biome, with some creatures being more of a threat than others depending on the biomes they spawn in. For example, zombies are slow but can do large amounts of damage with their bite ability if you have low health. They are commonly seen in forest areas so players should take great caution when entering these biomes.


To get from one block to the next, you have several choices. The most popular method is by using ladders which are found inside abandoned mineshafts within caves. This means that players have to keep their eyes open for natural structures in caves whilst traveling since it could lead to a great opportunity for shortcuts or loot.

However, ladders and vines that wrap around blocks only go up two blocks so they’re not the preferred choice if you want to get somewhere quickly. This is where sprinting comes into play, since it allows players to move faster than normal and potentially reach their destination in the same time as climbing. You can sprint by double-tapping the forward or sideways keys, but this will tire you out over time.

Combining the two is advantageous since you can climb up a vertical block face with vines, then use sprinting to travel horizontally across its top to reach where you need to go quickly. However, this does mean that your hunger bar will deplete much quicker than usual, so you might need to think about eating something before traveling long distances.

Farming and Breeding

All mobs drop different foods and ingredients on death, such as chicken or beef for cows and seeds for harvesting wheat. Some of these items can be combined with the correct tools to create some tasty food that will restore your hunger.

There are also several ingredients such as pumpkin and melon seeds, dyes (red, blue, yellow), and gunpowder which can be used to make dyes or TNT blocks to blow holes in the landscape. These kinds of blocks cannot be destroyed by anything other than these items; not even TNT itself can do this.

Some mobs such as cows and sheep can be bred to create new breeds of these animals once you have two that are the same type within proximity of each other. Each time an animal is bred, there’s a chance that it will produce another different breed, which can come in useful if you plan on building outposts for other players.


As you come across various biomes, it becomes apparent that there’s more to see just beyond these structures if you’re willing to travel further. This also means that the creatures living in these areas are harder to deal with since they can do more damage, have higher health, or both compared to other areas.

However, this also means that there’s more food and loot to be found in these biomes since they’re harder to get through. They also tend to have rarer kinds of blocks such as diamonds and gold which can sell for a lot of money so it might be worth the risk of exploring them despite their appearance.


Without sleep, the hunger bar does not regenerate and health can rapidly decrease if you sprint for a long time. Sleeping allows the player to regain some health and hunger at a reduced rate whilst also resetting your spawn point in case you were unlucky enough to get killed by an enemy.

However, players mustn’t sleep until they’re surrounded by darkness, as this will start a countdown and spawn an enemy right next to them when the timer runs out. If you don’t have a bed with you, then your best chance is to run away from any mobs that are chasing you, since losing them might allow it to reset and give you another chance of taking their land.


It is possible to mine your way out of most situations without having any weapons but it is very slow and dangerous since you don’t have a lot of health in the first place. By using a stone pickaxe, you can whack a block in front of you to slowly break it down into smaller pieces.

This can be used to dig tunnels and escape if necessary but due to how much damage each piece takes away from your health, it can leave you extremely vulnerable to attacks so it’s not recommended unless you have no other option.

Mine Survival MOD APK


There are a variety of items and blocks available in Mine Survival Pc that can help you to survive, such as food and wood planks for building houses. To craft these items, the player must make sure they have the required materials in their inventory before clicking on the icon that shows what they want to create.

To get food, you must have a block of dirt and seeds to plant them in. This will grow small vegetables that can be eaten one at a time to regain some hunger points before the soil has to be re-planted once it becomes infertile.

Wood planks are used for building houses or other structures. They can be obtained by chopping down trees using an axe; the type of block you get depends on the type of tree it was.

There are many different crafting recipes available in Mine Survival wiki but it is best to experiment with them to find out what they do, which could mean the difference between survival and death.

PvP Combat

It’s not only the environment you have to watch out for in Mine Survival Unblocked as other players can end up being a nuisance too. It is possible to defend yourself from them by building walls around your base or hiding behind corners. If you do decide to fight back though, it is best to wear armor as this can improve your survivability and make you a more formidable opponent.

The only downside to this is that the higher-level armor will cost a lot of money to buy and repair (if you don’t have the required crafting recipes) but it could be worth it if you want to join an army or feel like going on a killing spree.


In other Minecraft mods, such as Hunger Games and Prison, money can be used for other purposes apart from buying items in the shop. In Mine Survival MOD APK you get cash for mining gold ore which you can spend on better equipment and food to improve your chances of winning.

To mine this precious resource though, players will need a gold pickaxe which can only be obtained by killing someone that has one. It is possible to sell items to other players if they request it, for a percentage of what they are worth.


When your health reaches zero, you will die and respawn at the starting point with nothing but your fists to defend yourself with so being careful about where you go is essential to staying alive. If you do die, your items will drop on the ground for other players to pick up.

If multiple people are waiting at the respawn point, it might be worth killing them all then grabbing everything that has dropped since items can make a big difference in this game mode.

There are many different ways to play Mine Survival unlimited all with the most popular being UHC (Ultra Hardcore) in which players can only regain health when they have a golden apple in their inventory.

This makes the game even harder since you lose all your equipment if you die and have to fight with just your fists so being careful is even more essential for this mode.

Mine Survival Guide


Q: What is Mine Survival?

A: In a nutshell, Mine Survival MOD APK game is a multiplayer simulation of the survival genre. You must start small and gather essential resources to survive against other players while facing dangers such as starvation, armed players, disease, etc.

Q: What can I do in the game?

A: In this modernized Minecraft-style rendition, you create your character and begin to gather resources in a procedurally generated world. You must then build a shelter to defend yourself from the dangerous mobs that come out at night. Once you have done this, you can start planning raids on other players’ land while defending your territory from attackers.

Q: What is Procedural Generation?

A: The map for Mine Survival is procedurally generated, meaning the whole landscape is created randomly.

Q: How can I get a server?

A: You can set up your multiplayer server to play on with friends, or you can join one that other players have already made. To do this, simply add a new profile and choose the “Multiplayer” option. Here you can search for servers, or enter their server address if they have given it to you.

Q: How do I set up my server?

A: To host your own Mine Survival server, download the game on two different devices and then simply play through the tutorial on both of them. You can then use the “Host” or “Join” option as normal.

Q: Do I have to pay for Mine Survival?

A: No, Mine Survival is 100% free to play. However, there are some non-gameplay enhancing items that you can purchase with real money. You don’t have to buy these if you don’t want to.


It’s not all about fighting though. It can be fun to team up with other players and build a city together, but it is also possible to live further away from others if your intentions are less friendly. You don’t have to fight everyone you meet unless they attack first of course!

Mine Survival MOD APK is a Minecraft PvP survival game in which you must fight to survive against other players in a blocky world. This article will help you get familiarized with the mechanics and how to stay alive for longer in this unforgiving environment. Thanks for Reading!

What's new

◆ Support for '9 : 22' ratio resolution
◆ Fixed a time bug (corrected a time bug that was counting faster or slower than the actual time)



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