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Dragon Village is one of the most popular video games for Android. It's a great game for all ages, and it's easy to learn how to play. In Dragon Village MOD APK, you collect eggs and hatch them into dragons. You can then train your dragons to fight other players' dragons and earn rewards. There are many different kinds of dragons to collect, making the game endless fun and challenging. If you're looking for an exciting game to play, be sure to check out Dragon Village!
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Dragon Village is one of the most popular video games for Android. It’s a great game for all ages, and it’s easy to learn how to play. In Dragon Village MOD APK, you collect eggs and hatch them into dragons. You can then train your dragons to fight other players’ dragons and earn rewards. There are many different kinds of dragons to collect, making the game endless fun and challenging. If you’re looking for an exciting game to play, be sure to check out Dragon Village!

Gameplay of Dragon Village – City Sim Mania MOD APK

The goal in Dragon Village is to collect and raise as many dragons as possible. Once a dragon egg appears, collect it and place it in habitat for hatching. When it’s time has finished, the egg will hatch into a baby dragon. To train dragons, you must have a combat arena and other habitats to ensure that the dragons are well-cared for.

To get more habitats, players must collect resources from across the map. There is a day/night cycle in Dragon Village, so be careful when traveling at night time since dragons are vulnerable to attacks!


Dragon Village MOD APK [Unlimited Gems & Everything]To train your dragons, you must have an academy, which can be built after collecting enough resources. Dragons have three phases that they go through – baby, juvenile, and adult. To earn rewards for their training, players must fight in the combat arena against each other’s dragons. Achieving milestones in each stage of a dragon’s life will result in more rewards.

Once your dragons reach the adult phase, they must compete in tournaments to earn gold and experience. They can be sent on quests that last anywhere from one hour to 14 days. While the quest is underway, players can give their dragons food for increased stats or potions for health.

Once a dragon wins enough battles, it can be evolved. Two dragons of the same type must be combined to evolve the dragon into a different color and appearance. However, this cannot be done until both dragons have reached level 10 and are in the adult phase of their lives.

The game ends when an entire family tree is completed or all habitats are filled up. At this point, players must collect as much food as possible to avoid a dragon famine that will end the game. The dragon with the highest stats wins.

Key Features of Dragon Village MOD APK

Here are some of the notable features of this modded version of Dragon Village City Sim Mania:

Build a World of Powerful Dragons

Breed, train and level up over 100 unique dragons. Play with your dragon team to win battles against other players’ dragon teams. The power of a dragon is determined by its level and rarity, from Common to Legendary. It can increase from one feeding or evolve from one form to another by using Dragon DNA.

Battles with Dragon and Animal Teams

There are two main battle modes – 1v1 dragon battles and 3v3 animal team battles. In the latter, your dragons join forces with other players’ dragons to form a powerful team of animals. Train your beasts as you fight through 10 different stages on 3 unique maps. Battle for ultimate victory against other players as you climb the rank ladder.

Dragon Village city sim Mania MOD APK [Unlimited Gems & Everything]

Unlock Dragon Avatars

Customize the appearance of your trainer avatar by unlocking different avatars as you progress through the game.

Collect & Hatch Eggs

Collect eggs from friends and hatch them into adorable dragons. Moreover, collect rare and valuable dragons by hatching their ultra-rare Epic Eggs.

Train your Dragons

Train your dragon with a variety of combat styles and abilities to achieve victory in the Dragon Tournaments.

Battle Against Other Players – Global PvP

Fight other players’ dragons to win exciting prizes. The more difficult the battle, the better the reward.

Explore the Village & Expand your Island

Visit new places to chat with friends, trade resources, and obtain daily rewards. Expand your island as you progress through the game. Build a Dragon Breeding Den, a Dragon Training Arena, and much more.

Attack and Defense System

Attack & Defense System Energy is required to attack an opponent’s dragon in the arena. Energy can be gained by defeating other players’ dragons, sending energy to allies, or winning battles against your dragons. Energy also rapidly regenerates over time. When the Energy Bar is full, tap on your target and tap ATTACK to deal damage.

Dragon Village MOD APK [Unlimited Gems & Everything]

Choose your Battle Victory Prize

Accept a battle challenge and choose a prize from the list of rewards before every match. Your opponent will also have a chance to do the same.

Join a Team or Create One. Team members can band together with friends to form a team, engaging in special battles against other teams, earning special rewards for their team. You can also create your team, selecting its name and icon.

Choose your Dragon Team

Collect dozens of dragons to build the strongest team possible. Each dragon has its strengths and weaknesses, making every battle different from the last.

Team Fights with an Opponent’s Dragon

Teammate dragons can team up to fight against one of your opponent’s dragons in the Dragon Arena. The more teammates you have, the stronger you are!

Unlock Exclusive Content

Participate in special events and complete quests to unlock exclusive content like new dragon types, avatars, and other collectibles.

Powerful Habitats

Dragons need special habitats to stay happy and healthy. Dragons get special benefits when they are placed in the proper habitats!

Daily Activities

Earn Gold Coins for completing daily missions. Use them to purchase cool items in Dragon Village.

Open the Dragon Egg Chamber

The Dragon Egg Chamber is where you hatch your eggs into adorable baby dragons. You will need to spend Gold Coins and Diamonds to open the egg chamber.

Dragon Breeding Den

The Dragon Breeding Den is where you take care of your dragons! Feed, evolve, and breed your dragons as you see fit. The more time a dragon spends with its trainer, the better it will perform in battle matches.

Games Modes

Dragon Village offers many different game modes for players of all ages. Players can choose to play Dragon League, Dragon Tournament, or skirmish battles against their friends.

Dragon Village Unlimited Gems and Money MOD APK

Runes and Runes Stones

Runes and Runes Stones are special types of currency available in the game.


Rise the ranks on the Leaderboard by winning battles against other players’ dragons in the Dragon Arena.

Mystery Chest – Chance to Win Big Prizes!

Spin the Mystery Chest for a chance to win Gold Coins and rare dragon eggs. You have a shot at winning the big prizes every time you open the chest.

Stunning 3D Graphics

Enjoy beautiful, high-quality graphics as you build your own Dragon Village. Stunning 3D graphics and beautiful environments for players to explore.

Daily Rewards

Reap the benefits of daily rewards by logging into the game every day. You can earn Gold Coins, Diamonds, or powerful dragons each time you visit.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How does Dragon Breeding work?

A: Hatch your dragon eggs in the egg chamber to release baby dragons into your village. Treat your baby dragons well, then feed them treats to make them grow into powerful adults. Equip the dragons you want to train with powerful runes to get special bonuses in battles. Evolve your dragons into better dragon types.

Q: How do I get more dragon eggs?

A: Hatch dragons of the same type to combine them into an egg. You can then hatch more of that type of dragon and upgrade your chances for rare dragons with runes.

Q: How do I fight other players’ dragons?

A: To battle another player, tap on their profile to get their team page, then tap on your desired dragon type to select an opponent. After the battle, earn honor points for rewards, which you can use to buy dragons or runes.

Q: How do I win battles?

A: Treats are used in the training center section of the game. There are two kinds of treats, set treats and mixed treats. Set treats for tribal dragons only. By feeding your dragon certain amounts of types of treats, you can train them to be fast, defensive, or powerful dragons. Mixed treats are for all other kinds of dragons. Feeding your dragons certain amounts of mixed treats will train them to have skills like poison, shield, double damage, and even revive after death.

Q: How do I use runes?

A: You can find Runes from events or by trading dragons with other players. Equip the runes on your dragon for a special bonus, such as poison immunity or shield strength. You can also trade them at the market.


That’s all you need to know about the basics of Dragon Village MOD APK Unlimited Gems and Money. I hope you find this article helpful, and good luck playing the game!

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