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If you're a gamer, there's a good chance you've heard of Attack on Titan MOD APK. The anime series has taken the world by storm, with its intense story and climactic action scenes.
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If you’re a gamer, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Attack on Titan MOD APK. The anime series has taken the world by storm, with its intense story and climactic action scenes. But what you may not know is that the game adaptation is very amazing! It gives players the chance to experience the story of Eren Yeager and his fellow Survey Corps members like never before. With fast-paced action and strategic gameplay, this game is sure to keep you coming back for more. Don’t miss out – check it out today!

Have you ever played a video game so captivating that all your worries faded away and all that existed was the digital world in front of you? For Attack on Titan fans, this is the ultimate gaming experience. Come explore the world of Attack on Titan from slaying titans to completing missions. Moreover, feel what it’s like to be a member of the Survey Corps. With stunning graphics and intense combat, there’s no doubt that this video game will leave players enthralled. So, join Eren Jaeger and his comrades as they fight for humanity against the colossal monsters known as titans. Welcome to an epic adventure where the fate of mankind rests on your shoulders!

The Gameplay of Attack of Titan

Tasks players with forming an elite three-man squad to take down the towering Titans that threaten humanity’s existence. Utilizing ODM gear, players will strike at enemies from afar or skewer them with blades before finishing them off up close. Your team of heroes can also work together to pull off devastating combos against larger enemies. Weapons scattered throughout the game’s levels can be used to upgrade your team, allowing for stronger attacks and new weapon skills.

It is a multiplayer action game where up to four players work together to take down the giants that threaten humanity. This fast-paced hack-and-slash title encourages communication between teammates as they plot their next move to ensure these man-eating Titans are taken down for good.

It contains an extensive character creation system where you can customize everything from hair color to titan preference, allowing you to create your very own custom Survey Corps warrior. Rounding out the customization options are several pre-assigned characters that you can upgrade and customize over time.

Controls Guide

The game features simple three-button controls that offer a variety of different moves, depending on which direction you press on the control pad. Basic commands include a vertical attack, a horizontal attack, and a kick. By pressing down while performing these moves, stronger attacks can be unleashed, allowing you to create your unique combos. By pressing up, the character will place the weapon on their shoulder and become temporarily invulnerable, which can be used to dodge enemy attacks.

Controls Diagram

The game’s controls are designed to help players take down titans quickly and effectively. The face buttons carry out individual moves, while the shoulder buttons indicate what direction players want their character to attack in. The control pad allows characters to place their weapon on their shoulder, ready for an attack that will make them temporarily invincible.

Combat Tips

Features fast-paced action that you must adapt to take down the game’s titans. The vertical attack is key for taking down Titans’ nape, while horizontal attacks are more effective against their limbs. Players must also be sure not to get caught up in a titan’s grip, which will spell instant death if successful.

The game also makes use of the ODM gear, allowing you to attack from afar or skewer enemies with blades. You can find ODM gear throughout each level that can be used to extend their range of movement, making them even more effective when battling the game’s titans.

It also contains a leveling system that allows players to customize their heroes by upgrading abilities, weapons, and gear. Weapons dropped by enemies can be used to upgrade character stats, giving them increased power or more defense against enemy attacks. Upgrading equipment is key for taking down the game’s bigger enemies, allowing squads to deal increased damage and move more quickly.

The game also contains a character upgrade system. So, you can level up different skills to suit their style of play. For example, swordsmen might want to focus on using their blades to cut off Titan limbs and cancel out other attacks while allowing them the chance to unleash devastating combos. Scouts will likely focus on using the ODM gear and utilizing long-range attacks. The game’s upgrades can be reset at any time, allowing you to try out different builds. You also receive skill points that they can use to max out their favorite abilities and develop powerful new moves.

Attack of Titan Key Features

Strategically Deploy your Army

Organize your troops and deploy them strategically to take down the brutal Titans. Use the new “3D Maneuver Gear” to scale buildings, crawl across rooftops, and surprise Titans from behind.

Bring Down the Titan Bosses in Coordinated Attacks

Fight against fearsome Titans as a team with your fellow soldiers! Choose your commander and lead your team strategically. In addition to the main characters from the anime, players can form a party with their friends and take down Titans together!

Personalize your Experience

The game’s “Custom Survey Corps” mode allows players to create their original protagonist and become a member of the Survey Corps themselves. They will then adventure alongside familiar characters like Eren and Mikasa as they fight to save humanity from the Titan menace.

Characters from the Attack on Titan anime and beyond!

In addition to the main characters from the anime, players will be able to create their original protagonist and join others online in completing missions. Players can also form a party with their friends and take down Titans together!

A beautifully designed open-world environment that reacts to players’ actions A town where citizens live, where the Survey Corps gather, and where sub-plots are unlocked as players progress through the story. Players must be careful to not draw too much attention while exploring!

Dynamic weather, time system, and day/night cycle will influence gameplay. A cloudy day or a looming thunderstorm will make the titan threat more intimidating. Players won’t have to wait to experience sunset or the early morning hours before a Titan encounter!

Ultimate Team-Based Multiplayer Action

Players can choose to play online in a variety of modes such as “Annihilation” and “Search & Destroy,” or enjoy the game in single-player mode. In addition, players will be able to capture monsters with their capture net and utilize them during gameplay.

Attack on Titan revolves around themes of life and death and the magnitude of fear brought on by the threat of being killed at any moment. This is an experience that truly represents combat, where players must strategically decide when to attack and when to keep their distance.

Voice and Art Performance in Full Bloom

The game features the series’ voice actors for a faithful recreation of the anime’s story. Beautifully detailed graphics portray vast cityscapes, intricate character models, and fluid Titan animations!

Experience Original Stories and Classic Moments from the Anime

Fans of the series will experience the most memorable and iconic moments from the story. The game includes original side stories for some of the characters, allowing players to explore their personalities not seen in the anime or manga!

Additional Gameplay Elements

  • Capturing: Utilize the “3D Maneuver Gear” to capture neutral or attacking Titans within the range of at least three webbings.
  • Hooking: Hooked Titans can either be attacked or hooked by other players so their allies can attack them together.
  • Eren Titan: The protagonist can become an Eren Titan and combat the other Titans. If he’s placed within range of a friendly unit, such as Mikasa, he can receive backup from his companion.


  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Omega Force
  • Publisher: Koei Tecmo Games
  • Multiplayer modes: Online co-op, online multiplayer, and offline multiplayer.
  • Platforms: Playstation 3/4/Vita/Xbox 360/One


Q: What genre is this game?

A: It is an action game in which players control characters to defend human territories from the giant, humanoid monsters known as Titans.

Q: What are some of the game modes offered?

A: The game offers a variety of unique missions and quests in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Q: What are some of the playable characters?

A: Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackermann, Armin Arlert, Levi, Miche Zacharias, Jean Kirstein, Connie Springer.

Q: Is Attack on Titan an open world or linear game?

A: The game features both a wide-open world to explore, as well as mission-based levels where players must complete certain objectives.

Q: What are some of the mechanical equipment available in this game?

A: 3D Maneuver Gear, swords, blades, and gauntlets.

Q: Is the game’s difficulty adjustable?

A: Yes, players can choose to adjust the difficulty levels before gameplay. Additionally, there are sub-missions throughout each level that yield extra loot if completed. This encourages exploration and additional playthroughs to earn more materials for upgrades!


Attack on Titan is a game that doesn’t hold anything back. From the moment you jump into battle, it’s nothing but overwhelming fights and exhilarating speed. When you couple this with its amazing graphics, fluid movements, strategic gameplay, and deep leveling system; you get one of the best games released in 2017. A lot of games get flack for having a “fast-pace”, but Attack on Titan pulls it off phenomenally. It never leaves you bored and always gives you something to look forward to, whether it’s the chase to take down a Titan or the epic fights that take place to do so. Download the game and see how quick it can be for yourself. Just make sure you’re prepared! Thanks for Reading!

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What's new

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4. Survival challenge
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